HHS Drama Club 1992-1993

Fall play
November 13-15, 1992
The Good Doctor Good Doctor Program p1
One-act plays
January 8-10, 1993
An Evening of Shorts
The Clocks
A Game
Attack of the Moral Fuzzies
Bridal Terrorism
Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise
Evening of Shorts p1
Spring musical
March 12-13, 1993
Oliver! Oliver Program p1
Declamation contest
May 14, 1993
Second Annual Declamation Contest Declamation 1993 p1
Drama club officers President: Michael Barakiva
Vice President: Kelly Hutchinson
Public Relations: Anne Baney
Publicity Financier: Josh Eisinger
Stage Manager: Stacey Trzesinski
Master Electrician: Mike Renaud
Advisor: Laurie Venninger
Technical Advisor: Richard Anzuini
Business Advisor: Tom Spack
1993 Drama Club Officers

1993 Yearbook

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