Father of the Bride

November 22 and 23, 1996

By Caroline Franke
Produced and directed by Catherine E. Anzuini

Cast of characters (in order of appearance)

Mr. Banks David Renaud
Mrs. Banks Melanie Kuehl
Tommy Banks Jason Levinson
Ben Banks Kenny Litvack
Kay Banks Ilysa Kimball
Buckley Dunstan Jeff Vernon
Delilah Amy Thorne
Miss Bellamy Jen Nagourney
Buzz Taylor Shushaank Khanna
Peggy Swift Gina Anzuini
Mr. Massoula Peter Foos
Josephine Corinne Irizarry
Mrs. Pulitzki Jen Freeman
Red Daniel Renaud
Pete Geoffrey Worrell
Moving Assistants Rachel Esralew, Sarah Medley
Tim’s Assistant Becky Kramer


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