Second Annual Declamation Contest

Hosted by Kelly Hutchinson

May 14, 1993
HHS Auditorium

Performers (in order of appearance)

Pamella Lach
Grade 11
In Eugene O’Neill’s Before Breakfast, a woman complains about the circumstances in her life as she performs her daily routine.
Anne Baney
Grade 12
In an adaptation of Dorothy Parker’s short story, “The Telephone Call,” a girl rationalizes the failure of her boyfriend to call her.
Jeff Guberman
Grade 12
The self-composed piece focuses on the life of a boy afflicted with leukemia.
Sarah Barnes
Grade 12
Heidi Holland, the heroine of Wendy Wasserman’s The Heidi Chronicles, muses about the role of women in society today.
Geoff Renaud
Grade 12
In this excerpt from Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, the character of Willy reflects on why he became a salesman.
Amanda Salzman
Grade 10
Miss Margarida’s Ways, by Roberto Athayde, explores the power-hungry emotions that the title character, an eighth-grade teacher, unleashes on her class.
Carolyn Johnson
Grade 10
In this segment from Casey Kirty’s Catholic School Girls, the death of a young girl’s grandmother has made her question her faith in God.
Seth Kreisler
Grade 12
This monologue, originally featured in the motion picture Grand Canyon, deals with the violent nature of movies in America today.
Mike Barakiva
Grade 12
Jean Girdoux’s Tigers at the Gate transports its audience back to the days of ancient Greece. This monologue is Hector’s response to the question, “Do you love war?”


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