Christina “Tina” Gilberg (Baldwin) Petri

Tina Baldwin Petri

Memorials » Christina “Tina” Gilberg (Baldwin) Petri (1948 – 2005)

We the Class of 2006, proudly dedicate our yearbook to Mrs. Christina Petri. Mrs. Petri was our choral teacher for 21 years. She directed over 200 students belonging to three different choirs, taught guitar classes, headed the after school select Chambers Choir, taught and played music for the annual musicals, and helped students prepare for Regional and Allstate choirs. She dedicated her time to choir and her family, especially her cats. She was the best choir teacher that any of the students could ask for. On behalf of the Class of 2006, we miss you and will not forget you here at Highstown High School.

From the 2006 Hightstown High School Yearbook

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  1. Amy

    She was all of those things back in my time at school as well from 1989-1992. It was a blessing to have had her in my life.


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